Someone is Thinking of You

When it is about someone you love and care, you are the best person to know what would be the most important and favored subject. Through Mont Kiji Custom Made Scarf and Personalized Scarf , the possibilities are endless. Now is time to be creative!
team printed silk scarf with original photo
cat on iPad with black and white cat printed scarf
dogs and polka dot printed silk scarf on sofa
custom made scarf with wedding picture printed
children’s drawing printed silk scarf with drawings
custom made scarf with printed dog and photos
The values ​​of Mount Kiji are sharing and memory. Memory is a part of oneself that enriches and builds a human being.
Mount Kiji offers the possibility of transmitting the intangible emotions of the past into today's reality for eternity. With its Custom Made Scarf, witnesses of a lifetime, Mount Kiji offers the possibility of touching a memory and to keeping it forever close to you: a picture, a few words of love, family events, works of art or a poem of love, everything that is important to you and builds a life.
colorful red fish motif scarf with photo and leaf
red mosaic flower printed scarf with embroidery initial
long men’s polka dot silk carves in red and blues
Mont Kiji allows a special gift giving experience. You can tailor make something that is meaningful for your loved ones.

As the holiday season approaches, we wish to bring happiness to everyone through its range of Custom Made Scarf and Personalized Scarves.
The spirit of Mount Kiji is in the spirit of Christmas: a moment of sharing, of happiness, with the pleasure of offering a gift made of memories and emotions, made only for you and offered for you, by someone one who thinks of you.

Last chance to order Custom Make Scarf for Christmas is November 26 and the Personalized Scarf with embroidery is December 10.
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