Meet Charlotte Chin

portrait of an artist Charlotte chin
A Sojourner's Diary 

Charlotte Chin is a Singapore artist and writer. 

Reconstructing fragments of memory is a central theme in Charlotte Chin’s practice. She works primarily with mixed media techniques such as paper collage, acrylic paint, charcoal and pencil drawing, as well appliqué and ceramic as forms of visual archiving and story-telling.

Her work is often interspersed with imaginary landscapes and shifting shapes that weave together elements of time and texture. She brings a sculptural quality to her paintings through the use of collage and layering. She works mostly in abstract painting, as well as paper and ceramic sculptures.

Her interest in exploring abstract forms is inspired by the travelling and constant relocation with family in her youth stitching scenes from these events and locations to form her own history of the world. With a diverse portfolio that includes fashion design, interior styling and journalism.

“ Memory is like Palimpsest. The past folds and unfolds- leaving traces. I’m inspired by that concept and thus, create imaginary backgrounds that reflect such a reality.”

Her exploration of form and materiality engages viewers to a visceral landscape of emotions that remind them of a personal memory or journey. It attempts to capture the memory of travel, movement and the transcendence of time - for things lost and found and remembered.

"One can keep returning to Paris - even if it's only through a song, prose, or a hint of grey weather. Through my collaboration with Mont Kiji, I hope to capture the essence of this city and the memories within - and ultimately express it through the beauty of their scarves."

Discover the souvenir of Charlotte Chin through the Sojourner's Artist Collaboration Project.
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black and white painting printed silk scarf with pink fringes
Charlotte Chin project collaboration with Mont Kiji