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Our Mission

old pictures in the frame with decorative objects

Empowering you to express your personal stories and to realize your wishes- a true and pure form of luxury- is our mission.

We will help you capture, cherish, and share your precious moments, important milestones and love of your life with your unique Custom Made Scarf.

"You and your life stories matter."

We believe in capturing memories. Let us capture and extend your precious memories in the form of luxurious scarf: soft, lightweight, soothing and comforting.

As a keepsake, meaningful gifts, something to pass down from generation to generation. It can be a reminder of where you came from, perhaps where you are heading, we make your memories timeless.

Our Challenge

printed purple silk scarf with father and daughter on sofa

Mont Kiji offers a blank canvas on which you can express yourself.

In today’s increasingly globalized and standardized world, it is almost impossible to find something truly personal and meaningful which reflects your values and ideas.
We challenge ourselves to create a one-of-a-kind, individualized, top-quality scarves in a sustainable fashion is our challenge.

"High end quality, made just for you."

Unlike other personalized scarf offerings, we position ourselves at the high end of Custom Made scarves, on par with established luxury brands, for individual usage.

We treasure your stories with a special and personalized attention to the design and enhancement of your images. From collaborating with you on your original ideas, shaping them to your own, unique designs, to overcoming both artistic and technical issues and, finally, printing them here in France, we develop and invest in a client-focused experience that is meaningful, engaging and gratifying.

Why Mont Kiji

printed silk scarf with patchwork of aquarelle paintings

We will transform your most cherished memories into something you can touch and feel now.

Similar to the slow-food movement, we are building a platform for slow-fashion, starting with Custom Made Scarf, for wearable art which communicates better living.

Mont Kiji is not just about a scarf. It is about your personal and emotional wish coming true, it is realization of something meaningful to you and to those around you.

Mont Kiji allows a special gift giving experience. The customer can tailor make something that is meaningful for their loved ones. Thus offering a gift that is favored, cherished and treasured.

"We make memories, not mass produced goods."

Our process is artisanal, not industrial. This artisanal approach will embody your creativity, interests, desires, wishes and above all, love in your own creation. We hope you will have fun doing so!

green portrait of junhee kim
Meet Junhee
After 25 years as a fashion designer, Junhee Kim is now a founder and creative director of Mont Kiji. Her rewarding career journey included working for world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel, and Emmannuel Ungaro.
Junhee has spent most of her professional life in Paris, where she graduated from Parsons School of Design in Paris. For Junhee, Paris is a place where she feels at home, gets inspiration, and enjoys the day-to-day lifestyle. Mont Kiji is a platform where she can express many of her interests: art, design, photography, nature and fashion.

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