Evening Star

How to wear a scarf: like a silk star ligtening the Cosmos

Prepare a night out. Highlight the night with Cosmos Silk Scarf
Une petite touche de “soie” for instant update of your look

Touch of silk

How to wear a scarf: Eden Printed Silk Scarf in Knots

A scarf can be an infinite source of looks. A different look every day, a different look for any occasion. Une petite touche de “soie” to personalize

The Wonder of Christmas

Le Centre, personalize with your monograms or initials

Celebrate the wonder and the joy of Christmas.
Share the spirit of Christmas with Mont Kiji Scarves

Luxury Touch

Le Centre, personalize with your monograms or initials

Luxury is time and attention you spend for someone.
Luxury is know-how that you share with time.

Thinking of you

Custom made silk scarf is a perfect gift of love

Gift giving season is coming and now is time to think about the gift of love.
New form of sharing memory in the real world that you can touch and feel now.

Winter Ribbons

The collection of silk colorful ribbons

All you need is a little touch of silk to dress up for the holiday season
Add colors and change up your look with WinterRibbons

My Paris

A fine design for silk scarf winter collection

Your little Universe, your own Wonderland, your beloved Neighborhood, your own little Eden. Winter Silk Scarf collection has arrived!

My Universe

My Universe, the new silk scarf collection

The circle symbolizes the processes of nature, the cosmos and cycles of the universe, while the square represents the universe as man conceives and projects it. Check out Universe silk scarf from My Universe collection!


MonSilklover, a polka dot printed silk long scarf for man

This elegant men’s silk scarf is a must-have men’s classic for change of season. You can dress up or down depending on your mood.

Le Centre

Le Centre, a pocket silk square for men, customized with monograms

MonPetit size silk scarf is perfect as a little accent piece and also for a pocket square for men. You can personalize it with an initial or with a photo, to keep them close to your heart

Photo in Movement


A printed custom made silk scarf for photographer

High quality photo printing on a light, soft and beautifully moving French woven silk! This service enables you to print your photo in an unusual way, to be worn or to be hung.

Fish Charming

A personalized silk scarf, with your monograms

What do you see, geometric graphic ? Broken stripe pattern ? Kissing fish ? This playful Camouflage Scarf in Personalized Scarf, let you see different things, depending on your moods.

Personalized Man

MonPetitPois, a personalized silk scarf with your initials

‘Se lover’ in French means ‘to curl up’ Now MonSilklover style, PetitPois is available in Personalized Scarf collection.
Perfect and cozy gift idea for your man and buddies.


Artwork over a print scarf, a perfect gift

Sasha, from Maryland, ordered this scarf for her mother and her relatives.
Sasha painted her mother’s portrait, inspired by 1930 Art Deco period poser illustrations
This scarf has many nostalgic and beautiful symbols transcending generations


A long and skinny silk scarf

The style name of MonSilkfall came from the image of beautiful waterfalls.
Little accessory that goes far with all of your looks

Mini Me

Petit Mosaic and Mosaic Flower, personalize with your initials or monograms

Mosaic Flower in the Personalized Scarf selection is now available in MonPetit size as well as MonCadet size.
Check out the beautiful hand embroidered initial option.

Center of your life

Silk Pocket Square with personalized monograms and initials

Put a name of a person who is the center of your life on this pocket square, Le Centre. Your special gift will stay close to his heart!

Your Initial on the Scarf

Custom Made Silk Scarf with your printed or embroidered monograms

Personalize your scarf by writing your initial or your loved ones on it. Check out our selections of special gift ideas from Personalized Scarf.

Silk Scarf with your Signature

A custom made printed silk scarf with a playful design

Personalize your own scarf by adding your own signature on this whimsical design, Exotic U.
Now available in Personalized Scarf selections.

Bring Ocean Home

Charming fish, the first Mont Kiji collection of luxury silk scarves

Fish symbolize happiness as they have complete freedom of movement in the water in Bhuddhism. In this first collection, fish are illustrated in the color of sorbet, recalling the happy memory of summer.

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