Ocean Paradise Collection, inspired by Ocean peaceful movement

Ocean Paradise Silk Scarf Collection takes you to an unknown destination.You don’t necessarily  need to have an affinity with algae to fall in love with  this collection. This wear-now and love-forever accessory puts the spotlight on femininity with  delicate algae motives.

Poisson d’Avril

fish printed silk scarf arranged in fish shape

Poisson d'Avril in Aquarium

A “poisson d’avril” is a joke made on April 1st. In France, children try to stick a fish picture on their friends’ unsuspecting back. When the joke is discovered, they shout “poisson d’avril !” Look for the hidden fish!

Strangers like me

algae printed yellow silk scarf on a woman in jungle

OceanBlossom Silk Scarf for Love

Jane, realistic and mature.
Through Tarzan’s curiosity, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm, finds the beauty beyond her dreams.
Don’t search for Love, it will find you

Exotic Algae Flower

algae printed white scarf on a woman in exotic garden

Blossom in the ocean

I dream to be as supple and as soft.
I dream to be as peaceful and as gentle.
I dream to be elsewhere in OceanBlossom Silk Scarf.

You and Your Beloved

Personalize with your monograms

For you and your special someone, Together Scarf is available in Personalized Silk Scarf Collection. Wether it’s just for two of you or for a special occasion such as engagement or wedding, this is to celebrate love. We will work on your initials or photos in the floral frame for you to cherish important milestone in your life.

Ocean Paradise

algae printed white silk scarf on grass

Welcome to the land of beauty and luxury! Discover the organic delicacy and peaceful movement that ocean created.
Thorough the newly arrived Ocean Paradise Scarf Collection, I hope that you enjoy the mysterious and unusual shapes of various algae into your daily life.

Algae Forrest

AlgaeForest OrientalBlue Silk Scarf by pond

Great variety of underwater algae are depicted, almost ethereal and poetic manner on this AlgaeForrest Silk Scarf.
Not only they are beautiful, surprisingly, many organisms, from small fish to birds and even whales, use the thick blades as a safe shelter for their young from predators or even rough storms.



Coleman has been taking pictures of ephemeral graffiti works on the streets. This particular one called ‘Mandala’ was taken during his visit to Denver. This sober design somehow has light within and conveys peace and calm. Denver to Paris then to Austin, this Custom Made Scarf will find where his friend is eventually.


navy and red silk scarf on a woman in red coat

Arabesque in your Neighborhood

Color, Light, Action! You are the brightest star of tomorrow.
As red as energy of fire and as blue as freedom of deep ocean. Interesting and complimentary color-blocking of life with Mont Kiji Silk Scarf.

Dreaming Beautiful

leaf printed pastel color silk scarf on a woman

Dreaming of Luxury Silk Scarves

La Pensée by Mont Kiji, I almost see what you are dreaming of. I almost recognize how precious it is. I almost know who you are. I appreciate your presence. Your beauty is within yourself. It’s you who make Mont Kiji Silk Scarf more beautiful.

Parisian Chic

Parisian young lady wearing red silk scarf effortlessly beautiful

Walking down the streets of Paris. Running into Parisian casual chic young lady, effortlessly beautiful with Mont Kiji Luxury Silk Scarf. You made my day!

Wonderland Break

An Arabesque luxury silk scarf

Little detour to the secret garden of mine, peaceful and isolated. I’m giving myself a little break from my daily routine, also my silk scarf gets its rest in a beautiful setting.
This is my Wonderland.

Mont Kiji Love

A Custom Luxury Scarf for your beloved

Life is a gift. Having someone to love or being loved is a blessing
Celebrate your love, friendship and life with Mont Kiji scarf.
Find your own style in the Personalized Scarf selection and make it as unique as your love.
Personalize your scarf for your lover with Mont Kiji.

Still Motion

A luxury Custom Made Silk scarf, breezing into Winter

A big scale photograph of a beautiful winter scene takes you into the calm snowy winter morning, leaving you to imagine the drama of the night before. Once this Custom Made Silk Scarf is worn, you get to see the abstraction of the scene and every time you put it on, you get to discover a different part of the scene. It’s magical to see such details turning into such abstraction.

Green Universe

green silk scarf on trees against winter sky

Green Silk Scarf, center of your Universe

New addition to Universe Silk Scarf, EdenGreen color could bring the spring faster and closer to us. I dream of new buds and fresh green leaves of early spring. EdenGreen, color of life, renewal, nature and energy. Color of growth and spring. Here is wishing you a lunar New Year that is abundant with fresh idea, bright hope and wonderful memories.

New Dream

red silk scarf with circle against blue water and sky

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" C.S. Lewis

Dream of future

pink and blue long skinny silk scarves tied on a tree

Tie your silk lover and make a wish

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". Eleanor Roosevelt
Wishing you all the best for 2019! Dream with Mont Kiji for 2019.

First Sunrise

New Year, first sunrise and fresh beginning with touch of silk.


Simple and elegant small silk scarf for Men

Special Pocket Square with hand embroidered initials. Keep your love and care close to his heart


Share your Memories with a Luxury Custom Made Silk Scarf

Full of symbol and good memories shared are captured for this romantic and special, Custom Made Scarf gift.

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