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shell printed peach color silk scarf worn as mask
Wrap in Silk
Protect yourself softly with Mont Kiji Silk Scarf. Take good care of yourself!

Custom Made Scarf

printed purple silk scarf with father and daughter on sofa
Hugging Scarf
Connection and Love keeps us going and gives meaning in our lives. In this era of social distancing, simply being able to be together seems like a luxury. Cherishing hug and affection with this Custom Made Scarf

Personalized Scarf

woman embroidering a silk scarf
Focus in Life
Why and for whom we are doing what we are doing seems to be a natural question brought by this difficult time. Send the message that you are the reason though Personalized Scarf.

Limited Edition Scarf

Duetto Adventure
Playful, carefree and happy memory of summer all in the Duetto Silk Scarf

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Ana’s story

printed silk scarf with a family with babies in park


fish printed red silk scarf with initial q over the Seine

Bring Ocean Home

printed silk scarf with colorful fish hanging on tree