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hands with rings and blue scarf around the wrist
Wonderland in Saint-Germain
Discover sumptuous, one-of-a-kind, luxury accessories showcased in an exceptional pre-holiday Wonderland Pop-up Shop. (How to get there)
Perfect, unique treasures for your own pleasure and style, or to give as enchanting Christmas gifts.

Custom Made Scarf

woman with colorful custom made silk scarf with dog print
Happy Memories
“My two rescued dogs are not only part of my best memories of my childhood but they also taught me love, beyond the differences and difficulties. They made me realize how my family will always be there for me, for the better and for the worst. Both dogs are gone and they will always be closed to me with this Custom Made Scarf."

Personalized Scarf

Hand Embroidery
Hand embroidery requires both creativity and discipline. Delicate gesture on a fine silk twill to pass your tender thought to someone you love. Think ahead to order hand embroidered initials for a special gift

Limited Edition Scarf

Flying Romance
Butterfly is like love, it grows secretly and appears suddenly surrounding you with splendid colors, it comes and goes and twirls and whirls around you. Embrace a little bit of love with the Flying Romance Collection!

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printed silk scarf with a family with babies in park


fish printed red silk scarf with initial q over the Seine

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printed silk scarf with colorful fish hanging on tree