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black and white artist collaboration silk scarf with pink fringes
Charlotte's Paris
Foreign student’s time in Paris circa 90s. Fond memories of a beloved bookstore that mede her feel welcomed. Discovering Paris though the memories of Charlotte Chin though Artist Collaboration project.

Custom Made Scarf

Photo in Movement
High quality photo printing on a light, soft and beautifully moving French woven silk! This service enables you to print your photo in an unusual way, to be worn or to be hung.

Personalized Scarf

You and your beloved
For you and your special someone, Together Scarf is available in Personalized Silk Scarf Collection. Wether it’s just for two of you or for a special occasion such as engagement or wedding, this is to celebrate love. We will work on your initials or photos in the floral frame for you to cherish important milestone in your life.

Limited Edition Scarf

black and white artist collaboration silk scarf with pink fringes
A Sojourner’s Diary
One can keep returning to Paris - even if it's only through a song, prose, or a hint of grey weather. Through my collaboration with Mont Kiji, I hope to capture the essence of this city and the memories within - and ultimately express it through the beauty of their scarves.

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