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all over butterflies printed silk scarf with origami butterflies

Flying Romance Collection

“..Il ressemble au désir, qui jamais ne se pose, Et sans se satisfaire, effleurant toute chose, Retourne enfin au ciel chercher la volupté!” “…It looks like desire, which never arises, And without being satisfied, touching everything, Finally go back to heaven to seek pleasure!” Alphonse de LAMARTINE (1790-1869)

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New Hope

all over butterfly printed red and blue silk scarf on a balloon

Butterflies Silk Scarf

Endurance, change, hope, and life. Butterfly has significant meanings to us. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls.

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Silk Butterflies

detail of all over butterfly printed silk scarf and silk bow broach

Flying Romance Silk Scarf

Butterflies are like flying flowers with minds of their own, some bright, others dark, mysterious with infinite variety. They are not only pretty but hold lots of symbolism: renaissance, change, endurance, hope and life. Like a chrysalis our French woven fine silk turns into a butterfly printed Silk Scarf, eventually landing on your shoulders or caressing around your neck. We imagine it like a beautiful and graceful butterfly alighting on you.

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Work on progress

Artist Collaboration Silk Scarf with François Perrodin

Discover the contemporary approach of François Perrodin and the behind the scene of work in progress. Follow our short episodes and get the rare insight of the universe of François Perrodin.

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Artist Collaboration with François Perrodin

L'Art Concret

François Perrodin is usually classified in the category of “concrete artist”. He works in Paris and teaches at the European School of Art in Brittany in Rennes. François Perrodin opens up to his studio for the collaboration project with Mont Kiji.

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Art and design

Artist Collaboration Silk Scarf

With Scarf, Time, Place and Occasion is important for different interpretation and re-creation of the object, almost like a living object that reacts and responds. Discover Artist Collaboration project with François Perrodin.

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This is how it happened

Artist Collaboration Silk Scarf

One person connected me to the other; from Stephane to Jean to Noh to finally to François Perrodin. From that point on, first the friendship then the trust, respect and admiration came. Strange how things works out in life, naturally.

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Graceful Silk

cactus printed pink silk scarf tied on a woman

with SpringCacti Silk Scarf

Outfit put together quickly, rushing out in a haste, one thing not to forget is a little luxury of my Silk Scarf. This suddenly makes me feel calm and poised. I feel protected from the frenzies, feeling graceful with the softness of silk.

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Cactus on Horizon

cactus printed blue degrade small silk scarf with fringes

Maternal love in a little Silk Scarf

The horizontal straight line represents stability, calm, serenity, rest, tranquility and openness. Together with Cactus flower which is a symbol of unconditional maternal love comes in a little Scarf with lots of good meaning.

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Cactus Lane

cactus printed big pink and sand silk scarf with trees

Soft, warm and endurance

The cactus is adaptable and strong. Recognized for its endurance and ability to thrive in trying environments and situations, they symbolize warmth, protection, endurance and strength. All the qualities one admires in one scarf.

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Love Red


Dare with red and love red silk scarf!

Red is one of the top two favorite colors of people. Color matters. Red not only gives you healthy glow it also brings you good luck, passionate love, adventure and good energy. Dare with red and love red!

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100% Made in France

LushAlgae Blue Silk Scarf Bandana

Woven, Printed, Made in France

Mont Kiji the standard bearer of French silk craftsmanship, proud heirs of a centennial know-how, with a 100% Made in France: all our scarves are Woven, Printed and Made in France. Add a little French touch to your daily routine!

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Little Touch of Color

algae boarder printed small scarves with leaves

Ocean Blossom a Colorful Silk Square Collection

Embrace the soft algae printed French made Silk Scarf for an instant upgrade of your daily outfit. Little bit of French touch, LushAlgae Silk Scarf does the right dose of that magical touch into your wardrobe to make a big change.

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Kelp Jungle

red, yellow, blue, algae printed long silk scarf in forrest

MonSilkfall, long silk scarves as a touch of refreshing colors in your look

Peaceful kelp blending into tropical jungle. Unlikely scene is surprisingly beautiful.I hope this MonSilkfall style silk scarf will bring harmony and newness in your spring wardrobe.

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Ocean Paradise Collection, inspired by Ocean peaceful movement

Ocean Paradise Silk Scarf Collection takes you to an unknown destination.You don’t necessarily  need to have an affinity with algae to fall in love with  this collection. This wear-now and love-forever accessory puts the spotlight on femininity with  delicate algae motives.

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Ocean Paradise

algae printed white silk scarf on grass

Welcome to the land of beauty and luxury! Discover the organic delicacy and peaceful movement that ocean created.
Thorough the newly arrived Ocean Paradise Scarf Collection, I hope that you enjoy the mysterious and unusual shapes of various algae into your daily life.

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Algae Forrest

AlgaeForest OrientalBlue Silk Scarf by pond

Great variety of underwater algae are depicted, almost ethereal and poetic manner on this AlgaeForrest Silk Scarf.
Not only they are beautiful, surprisingly, many organisms, from small fish to birds and even whales, use the thick blades as a safe shelter for their young from predators or even rough storms.

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Mont Kiji Love

A Custom Luxury Scarf for your beloved

Life is a gift. Having someone to love or being loved is a blessing
Celebrate your love, friendship and life with Mont Kiji scarf.
Find your own style in the Personalized Scarf selection and make it as unique as your love.
Personalize your scarf for your lover with Mont Kiji.

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Green Universe

green silk scarf on trees against winter sky

Green Silk Scarf, center of your Universe

New addition to Universe Silk Scarf, EdenGreen color could bring the spring faster and closer to us. I dream of new buds and fresh green leaves of early spring. EdenGreen, color of life, renewal, nature and energy. Color of growth and spring. Here is wishing you a lunar New Year that is abundant with fresh idea, bright hope and wonderful memories.