Meet Louis Tamlyn

Louis Tamlyn and Junhee Kim meeting in a cafe
in Life

"I have always had a huge interest in drawing the environment and people around me since I was a kid. I grew up in a very remote area in South West France near Toulouse. Where I lived with my family, we had no neighbours. It was a great place to grow up and be creative.

The inspiration for the Rendez-Vous Silk Scarf started when I moved to the city. The overwhelming feeling of people around me was such a new source of inspiration.

My design is based on this idea of urban choreography: people crossing paths but not knowing each other. Accumulation and repetition are the themes I am developing since moving away from the countryside.

For Mont Kiji, I decided to express these themes organically by picturing the mass movement and fluidity of people that I experience in daily life." Louis Tamlyn

Discover the artistic life of Louis Tamlyn through the Rendez-Vous Artist Collaboration Project..
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Tamlyn Artwork has been exhibited in London , Nairobi, Munich.

Louis Tamlyn Bio.

He works in Paris and gets diploma from BA Jewelry Design, London. Louis Tamlyn opens up to his studio for the collaboration project with Mont Kiji.