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Summer Souvenir

silk scarf with little girl surrounded by dragonflies and shells

A Custom Made Silk Scarf with summer souvenir

Every Summer, I get to go back to childhood. Bright sun everyday, summer holiday, ice cream and watermelon, well, being carefree. Capture the best of your summer with Mont Kiji Custom Made Scarf and make your memory last.

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Cherish Memories with a Custom-Made Silk Scarf

I cherish memories and they nourish me to be whole and enriched. I recognize the people who surrounds me: people I have once encountered and people who lives in my memories. Custom Made Scarf is for gratitude and remembrance.

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Say I Love you

Custom Made Silk Scarf, a gift-giving experience

To describe my mother would be to write about a mystery novel.
She was full of bewilderment and surprises. Life came with her and what is left is love.
I would like to send my secret love for her with this Custom Made Scarf  that are  inspired by the butterflies and expresses all colors of life.

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Coleman has been taking pictures of ephemeral graffiti works on the streets. This particular one called ‘Mandala’ was taken during his visit to Denver. This sober design somehow has light within and conveys peace and calm. Denver to Paris then to Austin, this Custom Made Scarf will find where his friend is eventually.